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Control your content. Control your life.


Sadie Fixxit has an interesting backstory on her journey that led her towards content monetization. She met her husband back in 2008 in a community known to millions as the ”lifestyle”-you may know it as swinging.  Sadie and her husband became really well known in the community for having AMAZING pictures and videos on their social media pages. They were featured in Penthouse Magazine as Adult Friend Finder’s most viewed couple on a site of 20,000,000 users.  They were flown to events all over the globe as brand ambassadors and featured on AMC Hidden In America, Playboy Magazine/tv/radio and many others.

In 2015 everything changed.


The pics and videos that they had in their online profile photo vaults were stolen, ripped, hacked, copied, the watermarks cropped out and the content started popping up on websites all over the web. The videos had millions of views and were making the content thieves a lot of money at her expense. 


Pulling our content down from these thieves led to a never-ending game of whack-a-mole; enforcing our copyright on the content that was being monetized by other people was trickier than we expected. Since then, Sadie has created a team of experts around her to take back control of her content and in doing so, she was able to take control back of her life.


She is making more money now than she ever has, and it’s all done by monetizing the same content that she was posting on her social media for free! Some websites were even charging HER TO POST this type of content. These same websites were turning around and selling banner ads to show their users while displaying YOUR pics to YOUR friends. Your content is being monetized, but is it being monetized by you? We can show you how.

Sadie’s journey in the secret sexual underground known as the lifestyle and how it led to finding her sexual power again after struggling with childhood trauma as an adult.

Hear about the real life stories behind some of her wildest

sexcapades and her amazing nontraditional love with the man

behind the camera.


Here them speak about it live at an event near you! Their amazing book will be out this fall!


Changing the way you look at the content in your phones that you may be posting for free all over the web, could change

your life.  There are content creators in our network making 5 and 6 FIGURES A MONTH. Sadie can show you the 2 most

effective strategies for monetizing a premium social mediaplatform.  She can share with you the best tricks for

promoting your premium content with organic marketing techniques that require a budget of $0 to get a reach of

over a million, directing traffic to your premium profiles.

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"Take control of your content & take control of your life"

- Sadie Fixxit-

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