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How to Download and Install Autocad Shx Fonts for Free

How to Download and Install Autocad Shx Fonts for Free

If you are looking for a way to enhance your AutoCAD designs with different fonts, you may want to download and install some SHX fonts. SHX fonts are shape fonts that are native to AutoCAD and can be used in 2D and 3D drawings. In this article, we will show you how to find, download and install SHX fonts for free.

What are SHX Fonts?

SHX fonts are vector-based fonts that are composed of lines and arcs. They are stored in files with the .shx extension and can be loaded into AutoCAD using the STYLE or FONTALT commands. SHX fonts have some advantages over TrueType fonts (TTF), such as:

Autocad Shx Fonts Free Download

  • They are more compatible with AutoCAD and other CAD software.

  • They can be scaled without losing quality or clarity.

  • They can be edited and customized using the SHAPE or EXPLODE commands.

  • They can be embedded into DWG files without requiring external files.

However, SHX fonts also have some limitations, such as:

  • They have fewer characters and symbols than TTF fonts.

  • They may not support Unicode or international characters.

  • They may not display correctly in some applications or devices.

Where to Find SHX Fonts?

There are many websites that offer free SHX fonts for AutoCAD users. Some of them are:

  • MEP WORK: This website provides a library of different types and styles of SHX fonts, such as Arabic, Kufi, Gothic, Handwriting, etc. You can download them from the links below each font preview[^1^].

  • Autodesk App Store: This website offers a free app called Unicode SHX Fonts that allows you to use Unicode characters in your AutoCAD drawings. The app includes 10 SHX fonts that support various languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, etc[^3^].

  • CAD Forum: This website has a large collection of SHX fonts that you can browse by category, such as Architectural, Engineering, Symbols, etc. You can download them individually or as a zip file.

How to Install SHX Fonts?

Installing a SHX font into AutoCAD is easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Unzip the font file if downloaded as a zip file.

  • Right click and select 'Copy' or do CTRL+C on the desired .shx file.

  • Navigate to the fonts folder within the AutoCAD program located at: C:\\Program Files\\Autodesk\\AutoCAD 20xx\\Fonts[^4^].

  • Paste the .shx file into the fonts folder.

  • Restart AutoCAD.

  • From Annotation, text style, choose your font, then Apply[^1^].


SHX fonts are a great way to add variety and creativity to your AutoCAD drawings. You can find many free SHX fonts online and install them easily into your AutoCAD program. We hope this article has helped you learn how to download and install Autocad Shx Fonts for free. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know below. 0efd9a6b88


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