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Atlas Of Graphic Designers

This comprehensive collection illustrates the world of graphic design country by country, featuring the best graphic designers from all over the world. An amazing reference, this book provides insight into how designers from varied backgrounds approach their work, how different cultures associate communication and creativity in different ways, and how we see this reality used, pushed to its limits, and even completely transformed by design. No matter where you are from, this book will leave you with a broadened awareness of your own visual taste and an in-depth, contextual understanding of graphic design worldwide.

Atlas of Graphic Designers


This webinar series, funded by The National Endowment for the Humanities, is free and open for all to attend. The first three webinars will discuss the various materials and technologies of photographic prints. The next two will teach a methodology and controlled vocabulary for process identification, as well as a demo of how to use Graphics Atlas. The last one will include an overview of collections care for prints and photographs including proper storage, handling and display methods, and guidelines for the storage environment. Watching the webinars as a series is encouraged but not required. Recordings of the webinars will be made available.

This free three-day workshop will teach participants the tools and skills necessary for successful photographic process identification and care by breaking down the complicated subject into simple and easily manageable sections. The seven selected locations are: Rochester, NY, Atlanta, GA, Tucson, AZ, San Diego, CA, Austin, TX, Chicago, IL, and Boston, MA. Tuition for the workshop is waived due to generous support from the National Endowment for the Humanities. However, participants are responsible for all travel, room, and board expenses. Since attendance is limited to 20 participants at each venue, we are asking that applications be submitted for consideration. Attendees will be selected based on order of receipt as well as the need for a diversity of institution types and roles. Early application is highly recommended.

These three videos give an overview of print and photograph materials, teach an easy step-by-step approach for photographic process identification, and show how to pair this approach with Graphics Atlas for process identification.

Atlas Packaging has two design teams at our base in Devon. By having structural CAD design and graphic design in the same location it allows the team members to easily discuss projects and come up with the best packaging possible for structure and style. In this short video about the service, Head of Design Dave King explains how the process works and how the team prides itself on being as creative and innovative as possible to make cost effective and perfect packaging.

For more than 25 years, MAPublisher has been the standard map design solution for Adobe Illustrator, offering users GIS (geographic information systems) functionality in a graphic design environment. Traditionally, GIS software has offered users limited ability to manipulate the visual attributes (hue, brightness, saturation, transparency, line thickness, text, etc.) of geographic features. In contrast, graphic design software has treated geographic features as any other graphic elements, without regard for how they are connected in predictable ways to other geographic elements and to Earth itself. MAPublisher bridges the gap between the two worlds of GIS and graphic design software.

Other MAPublisher output capabilities include converting maps in a Web Mercator coordinate system to be compatible with web maps such as Google Maps. By exporting to web tiles, high-quality cartographic maps can be used in web mapping applications, with multiple scales.

MAPublisher helps graphic professionals and cartographers create beautiful maps by making it easier and more efficient in Adobe Illustrator. Recent attempts by other GIS software vendors to address the increasing demand for cartography and map creation within the Adobe environment is evidence that making maps in Adobe Illustrator is the preferred way to go. With MAPublisher leading the way for over 20 years, it is a workflow that is here to stay.

Identity design, packaging and exterior graphics at the factory for Huguet, a cement tile and terrazzo object manufacturer based in Campos, Mallorca, 2016-17. Photography by Gori Salvà.

Luke Caspar Pearson and Sandra Youkhana are architectural designers who run their own studio, You+Pea. Their work explores the integration of videogame technologies into architectural design, leading conversations on how games can engage new participants in the design of cities.

Every business needs a great logo. If you're looking for the perfect Atlas logo, then DesignCrowd's global community of designers can help. Looking for inspiration? Check out these amazing Atlas logos designed on DesignCrowd. Get your stunning Atlas logo now.

Doug Didia is a prolific visualization designer based in Macomb Township, Michigan, USA. Didia has designed and/or has made CGI product visualizations of cars, trucks, jeeps, vans, tractor trailers, farm equipment, electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, hybrid-electric VTOL aircraft, tanks, military vehicles, military helicopters, military airplanes, military ships and more. He is also a creative director, marketing professional, branding professional, creative concept development, virtual experimentation, defines narratives, a storyteller, visioneer, a conventional illustrator, digital imaging, graphic designer, creates advertising campaigns and more.

Upon discussing the initial design with the client, they expressed interest in seeing a more elegant, cursive style in order to use the calligraphy itself to suggest academia. My second idea then focused on finding a way to convey the cartographic theme through a classic script that was also appropriate to the target audience. I used swashes, ball terminals and long serifs to bring a touch of old world charm, while keeping the main body of the letters quite structured to maintain a sense of classicism.


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