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TeraverseTypeArchverseLevelArchversalLocationOmniverse/Ultraverse/Archverse/PetaverseInhabitantsUnknownThe Teraverse is the fifth nested level of the metric -verse series and the second lowest-level archverse. This -verse contains a finite or infinite amount of gigaverses, which are the fourth nested level. It is contained by the Petaverse, which is an finite or infinite set of teraverses.



At the scale of Teraverse, the dimensionality becomes hard to measure. Like a Gigaverse this is caused by the fractal nature of a Teraverse. The dimensionality of the common teraverse are most likely to be 11-Dimensional to 14-Dimensional. Higher Archverses will definitly have more dimensions, but its impossible to know how many. 041b061a72


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