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In this release we added some new minor features such as validation summary for forms, filter support in the process list and setting an expiry date for the public sharing features. The team also worked on the extensibility features for applications, which we will talk much more about in the following months. As usual the team closed a lot of bugs and minor enhancements to provide an even better experience when using ADF - check out the full list below.

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In essence, we quite quickly get an actionable WBS structure we can divide among the project team, and that can better ensure that the processes are successfully implemented. When we run this scoping classification, we often see that we and up with a fraction of the 850 processes we have in our model. But the important takeaway is that processes vary for each customer based on what they need.

One exciting area that comes in the wake of this is to link this to MachineLearning / AI directly from Power BI. So that the system can build up prediction models, which see the connection between the data and which come with predictions. Dynamics 365 Finance comes full of solutions that give good indications of when customers will pay, suggestions for the next budget or how future cash holdings will be. Within trade / retail, there have been solutions for product recommendations based on customer profile and shopping cart.

Organizational hierarchies are a powerful way of grouping a set of stores and then view and report from various perspectives. I often make hierarchies based on reporting purposes and often mimic the hierarchy of the address books. But you may also have geographical elements into the hierarchy. Keep in mind that the levels in the hierarchy corresponds internal organizations of the party entity, and that the retail channel most often is the lowest level. Therefore think through this setup carefully to ensure a correct structure. Also take a look at the following video by André Arnaud de Calavon for more a valuable walkthrough of the feature. Remember that when you publish a hierarchy you select a data, and it is not allowed to make changes prior to this date. I therefore recommend, that you publish the hierarchy on an earlier date, so that you have the possibility to make any corrections.

Cash and carry transactions are the most common POS transactions where items are scanned. A customer might, or might not, be identified on the order, and all products are paid in full. When tendering out of the transaction, a customer leaves with the products. There are also more advanced processes of creating orders from POS, and then pick it up or ship the products to the customer. The order is then created and sent to Commerce Headquarters (HQ) for processing. The creation of the customer order to HQ typically occurs through an async process between the Commerce engine and HQ. You can also configure it to be created in real time, if preferred.

To configure a functioning online store, you need to set up multiple components so that transactions can be successfully processed for that online store. When you have configured the online store and its components, you can link the channel to one or multiple Commerce sites or any other solution for a storefront that is compatible with Commerce. To finalize the online channel configuration and ensure that the products are discoverable in the e-Commerce store, you should also create a channel navigation hierarchy and sync the data to the online store database. Each channel can have a unique channel hierarchy.

Through search and connections, I have compiled a list of public sites that have implemented the Dynamics 365 eCommerce parts. This is by no means a complete list, and only represents a small subset. I have not been sponsored by any, and I only want to share with the D365 community sites that are live and running. Hopefully more can see the benefits of having a truly integrated omnichannel solution, and start investing knowledge in the capabilities. I hope also this can convince more to start enabling the eCommerce capabilities in the stack that they already have.

With some minor adjustments we can make the search for products much more meaningful. First, I need to explain how standard is performing the item search to explain how you can adjust this. There is a table named MCRInventTableIndex, that consists of 2 fields. One as a reference to the product, and one field that is a concatenation of several fields. As shown under, the Searchtext field contains item number and item description, just concatenated together. Then there have been created a fulltext index on this field to speed up the search on this long string.

I have once had exactly the same problem because my home directory had become 100% full. Upon connection, ssh created an empty /.Xauthority and was unable to write any single entry to it (so that xauth list had always produced an empty output).

I came across this same issue on two servers that were technically sister nodes. Pain in my tail, as I couldn't figure out what was different. Turns out the /home directory was full, so .Xauthority files couldn't populate properly. Once I located the file(s) taking up too much space and purged them, new .Xauthority files were created properly.

You can set up budgets for non-monetary measures such as headcount or full-time equivalent. When you enter employee assignments to define the work an employee does for your enterprise, you can specify the value of the assignment towards these budgets. For example, all assignments typically count as one for headcount budgets, but may count as less than one for full-time equivalent budgets.

The Employer Shared Responsibility Reporting Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires Applicable Large Employers (ALEs) and every provider of minimum essential coverage to report health insurance coverage the employer offers by filing an information return with the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and furnishing a statement to their full-time employees.

All Months: If the same number of full time employees with externally generated Forms 1095-C existed for all 12 months of the reporting year, then enter the value to be added to the count of employees for Part III (b), Full-Time Employee Count for ALE Member.


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