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Aaron Hughes
Aaron Hughes

Old Thai Shemale [REPACK]

i'm sure all ladyboys don't succumb to the results of a "promiscuous lifestyle." but, it's true that there are virtually no outreach programs here in thailand targeted at educating transgender youths about safe sex and the dangers of hiv/aids and promiscuity in general. aids rates among transgenders are inordinately high. that's a tragedy.

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For discreet dating services, our site also offers a Dating section where members can interact with each other by participating in our Shemale Forum. In this forum, shemales and other members get the chance to discuss about their transgender lives, work and other helpful insights. We also have Tgirl Photo Rating and an Annoucement section where people can post their quirky messages as they try to find transsexual girlfriends, love, relationships or for plain casual meet ups. 041b061a72


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