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How to Download and Install Minecraft 1.4.4 on Your PC

Minecraft 1.4.4: What's New in This Update?

Minecraft is a sandbox game that allows players to create and explore a virtual world made of blocks. It has been one of the most popular games of all time, with over 200 million copies sold and more than 126 million monthly active users as of 2020.

Minecraft is constantly updated with new features, bug fixes, and improvements to enhance the gameplay experience. One of the updates that was released in 2012 was Minecraft 1.4.4, which was a minor update that addressed some issues from the previous version, 1.4.2.

minecraft 1.4.4

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In this article, we will explore what Minecraft 1.4.4 is, why it is important, and what are the main features, bug fixes, and improvements that it brought to the game.


What is Minecraft 1.4.4?

Minecraft 1.4.4 is a minor update to Minecraft (Java Edition) that was released on November 14, 2012, primarily to fix bugs from 1.4.2. A pre-release version of 1.4.4 was released on November 8, 2012, though the full release of 1.4.4 is identical to this pre-release.

Why is it important?

Minecraft 1.4.4 is important because it fixed some critical issues that affected the gameplay, such as server freeze, block duplication, item frame disappearance, piston invisibility, and more. It also added some new features, such as a new music disc, a new command, and a new debug screen option.

Main Features of Minecraft 1.4.4

Music Disc "Wait"

One of the new features that Minecraft 1.4.4 added was the music disc "wait". This music disc was originally added to the game's files in Beta 1.9 Prerelease 2 named "where are we now", but could not be implemented due to issues with the spaces in its name, so it has been renamed to "wait".

The music disc "wait" can be obtained by killing a creeper with a skeleton's arrow, or by finding it in a dungeon chest. It plays a calm and relaxing tune that lasts for about three minutes.

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/enchant Command

Another new feature that Minecraft 1.4.4 added was the /enchant command, which can be used to give specific enchantments to tools and weapons. This command can only be used by players who have the permission to use cheats or are in creative mode.

The syntax of the /enchant command is /enchant [level], where is the name of the player who will receive the enchanted item, is the numerical ID of the enchantment (such as 16 for Sharpness), and [level] is the optional level of the enchantment (from 1 to the maximum level for that enchantment).

Debug Screen Hitbox

A third new feature that Minecraft 1.4.4 added was the debug screen hitbox option A third new feature that Minecraft 1.4.4 added was the debug screen hitbox option, which can be toggled by pressing F3 and B keys at the same time. This option shows the hitboxes of entities, such as players, mobs, items, and projectiles, as well as their eye level and facing direction.

The hitboxes are displayed as colored outlines around the entities, with different colors indicating different types of entities. For example, blue is for players, green is for friendly mobs, red is for hostile mobs, yellow is for items, and white is for projectiles.

Cobwebs, Walls, and Water Changes

Minecraft 1.4.4 also made some changes to the behavior of cobwebs, walls, and water in the game.

Cobwebs can now slow down entities that are falling through them, reducing their fall damage. This can be useful for creating traps or cushioning falls.

Walls can now connect to solid blocks that are not full cubes, such as stairs, slabs, fences, glass panes, iron bars, etc. This can make walls look more natural and realistic.

Water can now flow through open fence gates and iron bars, as well as over lily pads without breaking them. This can create more possibilities for water-based contraptions and decorations.

Baby Mobs and Squid Behavior

The last new feature that Minecraft 1.4.4 added was the improved behavior of baby mobs and squids in the game.

Baby mobs can now follow their parents more closely and avoid lava and cliffs. This can make them more adorable and less suicidal.

Squids can now flee from players and other hostile mobs when attacked, instead of just swimming around aimlessly. This can make them more realistic and challenging to hunt.

Bug Fixes and Improvements in Minecraft 1.4.4

Wall Block Collision Boxes

One of the bug fixes that Minecraft 1.4.4 made was the correction of the collision boxes of wall blocks.

Wall blocks are blocks that can be placed on top of other blocks to create a wall-like structure. They have different shapes depending on how they are connected to other blocks.

Before Minecraft 1.4.4, the collision boxes of wall blocks did not match their shapes, which caused entities to glitch through them or get stuck on them. Minecraft 1.4.4 fixed this issue by making the collision boxes match the shapes of wall blocks.

Fences and Torches Rendering

Another bug fix that Minecraft 1.4.4 made was the improvement of the rendering of fences and torches in the game.

Fences are blocks that can be used to create barriers or enclosures. They have a thin appearance and can connect to other fences or solid blocks.

Torches are blocks that can be used to provide light and prevent mob spawning. They have a small appearance and can be placed on top or on the side of most blocks.

Before Minecraft 1.4.4, fences and torches had some rendering issues, such as z-fighting (flickering), missing textures, or incorrect lighting. Minecraft 1.4.4 fixed these issues by improving the rendering of fences and torches in the game.

Item Frames and Pistons Glitches

A third bug fix that Minecraft 1.4.4 made was the elimination of some glitches involving item frames and pistons in the game.

Item frames are entities that can be used to display items on walls or ceilings. They have a square appearance and can hold one item each.

Pistons are blocks that can be used to push or pull other blocks or entities when powered by redstone. They have a rectangular appearance and can extend or retract a piston head.

Before Minecraft 1.4.4, item frames and pistons had some glitches, such as disappearing items, duplication exploits, or incorrect movement. [^15 CPU: Intel Core i3 or AMD Athlon II (K10) 2.8 GHzRAM: 4GBGPU: GeForce 2xx Series or AMD Radeon HD 5xxx Series (Excluding Integrated Chipsets) with OpenGL 3.3HDD: 1GBJava: Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 7 or higher is recommended to be able to run the game.

  • What are the differences between Minecraft 1.4.4 and Minecraft 1.4.2?

The main differences between Minecraft 1.4.4 and Minecraft 1.4.2 are the bug fixes and the new features that Minecraft 1.4.4 added, as mentioned above. Minecraft 1.4.2 was a major update that added many new features, such as the Wither boss, the Anvil block, the Beacon block, the Carrot on a Stick item, the Command Block, and more.

  • What are some tips and tricks for playing Minecraft 1.4.4?

Some tips and tricks for playing Minecraft 1.4.4 are:

  • Use the /enchant command to give yourself powerful tools and weapons, such as a diamond sword with Sharpness V and Fire Aspect II.

  • Use the debug screen hitbox option to see the hitboxes of entities and plan your attacks or defenses accordingly.

  • Use cobwebs to slow down enemies or create safe landing zones.

  • Use walls to create more realistic and varied structures.

Use water to create elevators, fountains, o


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