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Move Or Die V17.0.1.rar [TOP]

The legacy node['filesystem2'] attributes leftover from our multi-year migration of filesystem data on AIX, Solaris, and FreeBSD systems has been removed. This same data is now available at node['filesystem']

Move Or Die v17.0.1.rar

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In Chef Infra Client 16 we introduced node['filesystem2'] on Windows to complete our migration to a unified structure for filesystem data regardless of platform. In Chef Infra Client 17 we are updating node['filesystem'] on Windows with this same unified format. Both node attributes now have the same data allowing users to more easily migrate filesystem2 to filesystem in their cookbooks. In Chef Infra Client 18, we will remove node['filesystem2'] completely finishing our multi-year migration of Ohai filesystem data format.

Ohai detection of the end-of-life Antergos and Pidora distributions has been removed. Antergos ended releases and downloads of the distribution in May 2019 and Pidora stopped receiving updates in 2014.

The Chef Infra Server 11 era Policyfile Compatibility Mode is now deprecated. Users should upgrade to a newer release of Chef Infra Server 12+ that supports Policyfiles natively. With Chef Infra Server upgraded, you can remove policy_document_native_api from the client.rb config file or set it to true.

The osx_profile resource will now allow you to remove profiles from macOS 11 (Big Sur) systems. Due to security changes in macOS 11, it is no longer possible to locally install profiles, but this will allow you to cleanup existing profiles left over after an upgrade from an earlier macOS release. The resource has been updated to resolve a regression introduced in Chef Infra Client 16.4 that caused the resource to attempt to update profiles on each converge. Thanks for reporting these issues @chilcote!

Legacy HWRP-style resources, written as Ruby classes in the libraries directory of a cookbook, will now require either the use of resource_name or provides methods to define the resource names. Previously, Chef Infra Client would infer the desired resource name from the class, but this magic was problematic and has been removed.

Support for the version constraints in metadata.rb has been removed. This was an undocumented feature from the Chef 0.10 era, which is not used in any cookbooks on the Supermarket. We are mentioning it since it is technically a breaking change, but it unlikely that this change will be impacting.

If you have a repository that contains a site-cookbooks directory, we highly recommend using Policyfiles or Berkshelf to properly resolve these external cookbook dependencies without the need to copy them locally. Alternatively, you can move the contents of this folder into your main cookbook directory and they will continue to be seen by knife commands.

As noted in the breaking changes above, we improved how the required value is set on custom resource properties, in order to give a more predictable behavior. This new behavior now allows you to specify actions where individual properties are required. This is especially useful when :create actions require certain properties that may not be required for a :remove type property.

Resource partials allow you to define reusable portions of code that can be included in multiple custom resources. This feature is particularly useful when there are common properties, such as authentication properties, that you want to define in a single location, but use for multiple resources. Internally in the Chef Infra Client codebase, we have already used this feature to remove duplicate properties from our subversion and git resources and make them easier to maintain.

The knife cookbook site command has been deprecated in favor of the knife supermarket command. knife cookbook site will now produce a warning message. In Chef Infra Client 16, we will remove the knife cookbook site command entirely.

In order to accommodate a combined bootstrap that supports both SSH and WinRM, some CLI flags have been added, removed, or changed. Using the changed options will result in deprecation warnings, but knife bootstrap will accept those options unless otherwise noted. Using removed options will cause the command to fail.

Upon upgrading Chef Infra Client packages, the /opt/chef directory is removed. This ensures any chef_gem installed gem versions and other modifications to /opt/chef will removed to prevent upgrade issues. Due to technical details with rpm script execution order, the implementation involves a a pre-installation script that wipes /opt/chef before every install, and is done consistently this way on every package manager.

The Chef config http_disable_auth_on_redirect has been changed from false to true. In Chef Infra Client 16, this config option will be removed altogether and Chef Infra Client will always disable auth on redirect.

The knife cookbook test command has been removed. This command would often report non-functional cookbooks as functional, and has been superseded by functionality in other testing tools such as cookstyle, foodcritic, and chefspec.

Previously, if a user provided multiple cookbook paths to Chef Solo that contained cookbooks with the same name, Chef Solo would combine these into a single cookbook. This merging of two cookbooks often caused unexpected outcomes and has been removed.

The route resource contained multiple unused properties that have been removed. If you previously set networking, networking_ipv6, hostname, domainname, or domain, they would be ignored. In Chef Infra Client 15, setting these properties will throw an error.

Support for the FreeBSD pkg package system in the freebsd_package resource has been removed. FreeBSD 10 replaced the pkg system with pkg-ng system, so this removal only impacts users of EOL FreeBSD releases.

The legacy require_recipe method in recipes has been removed. This method was replaced with include_recipe in Chef Infra Client 10, and a FoodCritic rule has been warning to update cookbooks for multiple years.

We removed the Ohai::Util::Win32::GroupHelper helper class from Ohai. This class was intended for use internally in several Windows plugins, but it was never marked private in the codebase. If any of your Ohai plugins rely on this helper class, you will need to update your plugins for Ohai 15.

The refresh_plugins method in the Ohai::System class has been removed as it has been unused for multiple major Ohai releases. If you are programmatically using Ohai in your own Ruby application, you will need to update your code to use the load_plugins method instead.

The CHEF-25 deprecation for resource collisions between cookbooks and resources in Chef Infra Client has been removed. Instead you will see a log warning that a collision has occurred, which advises you to update your run_list or cookbooks.

Since Chef Infra Client 13, knife cookbook site has actually called the knife supermarket command under the hood. In Chef Infra Client 16 (April 2020), we will remove the knife cookbook site command in favor of knife supermarket.

Cookbook shadowing was deprecated in 0.10 and will be removed in Chef Infra Client 15 (April 2019). Cookbook shadowing allowed combining cookbooks within a mono-repo, so long as the cookbooks in question had the same name and were present in both the cookbooks directory and the site-cookbooks directory.

AIX and Solaris now ship with a filesystem2 plugin that updates the filesystem data to match that of Linux, macOS, and BSD hosts. This new data structure makes accessing filesystem data in recipes easier and especially improves the layout and depth of data on ZFS filesystems. In Chef Infra Client 15 (April 2019) we will begin writing this same format of data to the existing node['filesystem'] namespace. In Chef Infra Client 16 (April 2020) we will remove the node['filesystem2'] namespace, completing the transition to the new format. Thank you @jaymzh for continuing the updates to our filesystem plugins with this change.

The system_profile plugin will be removed from Chef/Ohai 15 in April 2019. This plugin does not correctly return data on modern Mac systems. Additionally the same data is provided by the hardware plugin, which has a format that is simpler to consume. Removing this plugin will reduce Ohai return by 3 seconds and greatly reduce the size of the node object on the Chef server.

Use the sudo resource to add or remove individual sudo entries using sudoers.d files. Sudo version 1.7.2 or newer is required to use the sudo resource, as it relies on the #includedir directive introduced in version 1.7.2. This resource does not enforce installation of the required sudo version. Supported releases of Ubuntu, Debian, SuSE, and RHEL (6+) all support this feature. This resource was ported from the sudo community cookbook.

Use the windows_feature resource to add, remove or delete Windows features and roles. This resource calls the windows_feature_dism or windows_feature_powershell resources depending on the specified installation method and defaults to dism, which is available on both Workstation and Server editions of Windows. This resource was ported from the windows community cookbook.

Note: These resources received significant refactoring in the 4.0 version of the windows cookbook (March 2018). windows_feature resources now fail if the installation of invalid features is requested and support for installation via server servermanagercmd.exe has been removed. If you are using a windows cookbook version less than 4.0 you may need to update cookbooks for Chef Infra Client 14.

Use the windows_font resource to install or remove font files on Windows. By default, the font is sourced from the cookbook using the resource, but a URI source can be specified as well. This resource was ported from the windows community cookbook.

node.set and node.set_unless were deprecated in Chef Infra Client 12 and have been removed in Chef Infra Client 14. To replicate this same functionality users should use node.normal and node.normal_unless, although we highly recommend reading our attribute documentation to make sure normal is in fact the your desired attribute level. 041b061a72


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