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At T Buy Your Contract

For a limited time, customers who switch to T-Mobile from an eligible carrier can bring their eligible phone and we will reimburse up to $800 per line on remaining device payment balance (up to 5 voice lines) via virtual prepaid card (card usually takes 15 days). So you can keep your new 5G phone, keep your number AND get the 5G your phone deserves on America's largest, fastest & most reliable 5G network.

at t buy your contract


Right now, when you switch to T-Mobile and activate 2 lines on our Essentials, Magenta or Magenta MAX plan, you can get your third line free via monthly bill credits. That's three lines of unlimited talk, text and 5G data on our network! For full details on how to keep the phone you love when you switch, check out here. For details on getting your third line free, check out here. That means you can get three lines of Essentials for $90, three lines of Magenta for $120 per month or three lines of the new Magenta MAX for just $140 per month on Autopay with taxes and fees included...AND you can also get reimbursed up to $800 for each eligible phone you keep (up to 5 voice lines)! That's a MASSIVE savings over AT&T or Verizon. Plus, you will get all the Un-carrier benefits like get Netflix on Us, Scam Shield, unlimited texting in more than 215 countries and destinations abroad, outstanding customer care with our dedicated Team of Experts, and weekly free stuff and discounts in the T-Mobile Tuesdays app.

We will take care of $800 and you will be responsible for the portion of your device payment plan balance that exceeds the $800. Depending on your carrier, you may need to pay off your device payment plan prior to being able to unlock your phone.

To bring a device over to T-Mobile, the device must be unlocked from its previous network. At this time, some carriers require the device payment plan balance to be paid in full before they will unlock the device and allow it to be used on our network. We will still reimburse you, up to $800, when you switch, even if your current carrier requires you to pay off your device prior to unlock.

If you purchased your phone BEFORE 11/1/2022: No, your UScellular phone is automatically unlocked after 120 days from activation if your account is in good standing. You can request a device unlock from UScellular Customer Service before 120 days if you pay your device off in full and your account is in good standing.

If you purchased your phone AFTER 11/1/2022: Yes, UScellular has updated their unlock policy requiring the full balance of the device to be paid off first. You can either do this by paying a lump sum or by the monthly installments. Prior to bringing your number over to T-Mobile, you will need to:

Only T-Mobile provides you with the lowest upfront cost on the latest devices with no annual service contract and no overages on an award-winning nationwide 4G LTE network. With our Magenta plans, we separate the cost of the device from the cost of your service. Bring your own eligible device and your monthly bill is even less! Now that's what we call better wireless. Learn more about the perks of joining T-Mobile.

Individuals and families (up to 5 lines) who are currently under a postpaid contract at their current carrier (including AT&T or Verizon. Starting August 2, 2020, not available for port-ins from Sprint or Shentel.) and want to switch to T-Mobile can take advantage of the Early Termination Fee (ETF) reimbursement offer. Follow the steps below:

You can trade in your old, working phone or device for credit towards a new purchase with T-Mobile's Device Trade-in Program. It is not required that your trade-in device was purchased from T-Mobile. When you activate your T-Mobile account, you can apply that trade-in credit to your bill. To get started, go to Device Trade-In and follow the on-screen instructions.

Yes, it is possible to keep the number you already have from another wireless or landline carrier. First, check if your existing number is eligible for transfer to T-Mobile. If it is, simply follow the on-screen instructions displayed during check-out to authorize the transfer. We'll do the rest. In rare circumstances, we are unable to transfer a number to our network. This is often because we don't have a transfer agreement with the original service provider. Be sure to keep your old phone and old account until your number is fully activated on your new account for seamless service. If you are interested in a prepaid phone and transferring your number to T-Mobile, visit your nearest T-Mobile store.

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While Apple has always sold iPhones in its own stores, recent initiatives such as the iPhone Upgrade Program and Apple Trade-In have made the company a serious contender for your phone-buying business.

Previously, cell phone carriers would let you pay off your phone in monthly installments. What they didn't tell you is that they charged you a bit more than the total price of your phone over the course of 24 months for the privilege of being able to spread it out.

Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program offered the same 24-month installment plan, with the option of upgrading to a new phone every year for free and trading in your old phone. However, if you paid the whole phone off, it didn't cost you any more than if you had paid upfront.

While you can unlock a contract-locked phone, it's a hassle, and you might have to wait for your contract to run out first. When it comes to unlocked versus locked phones, the better move is to buy your phone unlocked in the first place.

An unlocked iPhone allows you to use that phone with any carrier, even if you're not under contract with them. This can save money in the long term as you won't be locked into an expensive contract. If you purchase your phone through your carrier under a two-year service contract, the iPhone you buy might be locked to that carrier until that contract is up.

When you buy a phone from Apple under the iPhone Upgrade Program, it comes as a certified unlocked device. You can pair it with an existing plan and retain your unlocked status. Besides, you can switch carriers at will before you complete paying off your device. This is one of the biggest advantages of buying your iPhone directly from Apple.

Although all iPhones purchased from Apple are unlocked, if you choose the buy it with an AT&T Installment Plan, it will be locked to AT&T until the end of the agreement. If you need your iPhone unlocked, avoid AT&T's Installment Plan like the plague.

AppleCare+ comes in two different tiers: AppleCare+ and AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss. The pricing is different depending on your iPhone model, but typically the Theft and Loss version costs about $100 more than the regular version. However, it includes two opportunities to replace your iPhone every 12 months if it gets lost or stolen.

Apple commits to providing you with a "new or equivalent to new" product when it replaces your iPhone. Its customer service is set up so that all you have to do is walk into an Apple Store and get a same-day replacement. Apple Stores are stocked with almost every model of replacement iPhone available for quick service.

Carriers, on the other hand, don't have access to the same level of quality assurance for Apple's products. Often, your replacement phone will not be at the same level of quality that Apple promises. Instead, it will probably be a refurbished phone.

However, Apple is a bit better in terms of convenience, customer service, and repair quality. The Apple Store will probably provide a better experience, but if you time it right, your carrier might offer you a better price.

The Apple Store has another advantage: these locations are licensed to sell you an iPhone under a carrier's plan. As a result, if you buy your phone at an Apple Store, you can actually see how much each phone will cost you under each plan.

Whether you buy your next iPhone straight from Apple or from your carrier, you should consider how long iPhones last on average. Buying directly from Apple or your carrier is typically the best way to buy an iPhone, but have you ever considered purchasing a refurbished model?

If saving money is your main priority, you can buy a refurbished or used iPhone at Best Buy, Apple, Walmart, and even online from Amazon or eBay. The quality can be questionable outside an Apple Certified Refurbished product, but that might not matter to you, depending on how much you save.

In terms of price, you'll pay the same cost whether you get your iPhone from your carrier or Apple. Advantages of buying your iPhone from Apple include complete ownership, freedom to switch carriers at will, cheaper device insurance with AppleCare+ protection, and you can upgrade after 12 months with Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program.

On the other hand, buying via carriers has one upside; frequent deals and promotions for upgrading. On the downside, you'll be locked to that carrier's network for at least until the end of your agreement.

Whether you decide to purchase from Apple, your carrier, or a third-party website, be sure to pick the deal that works best for you. Consider both your long-term and short-term needs, and you'll quickly find your best option in terms of price and services.

When you sign up for a service term or monthly installment plan, your carrier extends you a line of unsecured credit. As a result, the carrier cannot repossess your phone, and you can sell your phone, even if you still owe money on it.

Yes, you can sell your Verizon phone, even if you still owe money on it. However, if you fail to make your monthly payments or pay the ATF, Verizon will blacklist your phone, and the person you sold it to will no longer be able to use it. 041b061a72


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